This time a Two day Event

Our next event is at the Amuri Estate over looking the Hanmer river towards Hanmer Springs, a stunning north facing view.

This time a two day event so the women attending have plenty of time to relax and enjoy all that Hanmer Springs has to offer.

 You will have time to go on forest walks, a swim in the hot pools, a massage, shopping and a nice meal out.


Luxury accommodation at our venue Amuri Estate

Luxury accommodation is available to those who book in first.

Massages can be organised for you at Amuri Estate also so make sure you mention this when you book.

This is a stunning location and the venue is new and was only built last November.

We invite women from all areas to apply for a place in one of these workshops and to share this information with all other women.

Please don't hesitate to ask us any questions, we look forward to hearing from you.

Many thanks

Lucy & Marina

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Throughout the day Lucy will take ladies out individually for their very own portrait shoot with tips on posing and why they see themselves the way they do.

There will be a delicious lunch provided and morning tea


Welcome  Lucy and Marina to Introduce InsideOUT (meet the other ladies on the workshop)


“Vulnerability” the new word on the street – how will it help you on your journey to be more Vulnerable. - with Marina


“Conversations with the mirror” – how do you speak to yourself and what does Cognitive Behavioural Therapy say about how to change this. - with Marina


“Value your Uniqueness” you are enough just as you are.  Let’s prove it to yourself.

- with Marina


“Kindness to self” How to look after yourself and be kind to yourself when you know you are kind to others.  - with Marina


“Whoness vs Whatness” We are not about what we do or what we have we are about who we are; how to find yourself when you might have lost yourself in your role.  - with Marina


“Values, Beliefs and my Manifesto” – Create something that tells you more about who you are.  - with Marina

Marina Shearer BSc. psychology

Coach, Consultant, Facilitator

P: 03 315 6555

M: 027 591 6555


Lucy Hunter-Weston


P: 03 314 2082

M: 027 221 6865


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