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1-1 Personal Coaching with Marina


  • Explore motivation, thought, desire and need

  • Question to facilitate your own thought processes

  • Support you to create future plans and goals

  • Share tools that may be appropriate for your journey

  • Encourage a commitment to lasting personal growth and change.

  • Provide non judgemental positive regard for your views, lifestyle and aspirations

  • Encourage you to continually improve competencies and to develop new developmental alliances where necessary to achieve your goals.


My coaching session with Marina of BeTheBest was an invaluable investment. Marina's ability to choose the best method to examine some key areas that I was stumped on was spot on. By the end of the session I had clarity on some logistical aspects of my business and also had some personal barriers removed. Marina is very good at identifying key issues to address, and not afraid to bring them to the forefront of consideration, then gently leads you down avenues of self-exploration and empowerment as well as operational mechanics. Thank-you so much.

Danette Moriarty – Waiau 2018


I’ve had a one on one coaching session with Marina. I found this one on one approach to be fantastic as Marina took on board my needs and tailored the session just for me, she give me some creative positive ways to deal with different situations. I feel more confidant to deal with these situations as they arise now, Thank you Marina” Gemma Chick Polkadots Preschool, Culverden 2017


Group Coaching Session with Marina


AIM: This group coaching session is about the courage of self-awareness, the ability to read others and interpret what they are telling you aside from their words.  The ability to be who you are and to speak with confidence in a way that people will take notice of.


  • understanding and identifying helpful behaviours and using them appropriately

  • self-awareness and other-awareness how to be intentional about who your audience is

  • the importance of having a voice and using it

  • the conflict resolution model that is best for distressing situations

  • vulnerability and the power of allowing yourself to be seen

  • the see saw relationship of cortisol and oxytocin, how to balance yourself in stress


Marina from “Be the best you” ran a resolution workshop for our teaching team. Her professionalism and knowledge was very impressive.  Not only did Marina adapt the workshop to the teams specific needs she also supported individuals as they worked through the knowledge being shared. I look forward to continuing this journey of coaching and mentoring alongside Marina.
Many thanks the Tree Bears team.



Group Vision Board Session with Marina


AIM: To allow individuals to let their relaxed and creative brain enjoy the process of re-creation.  This period of time will assist you to identify what is really important to you and to think about whether you need to make any changes to your life.

Vision boarding is creative, restorative, enlightening, powerful, mysterious and fun.  

Let the process show you what you love.


Facilitator, coach, speaker, consultant

BSc Psychology

Extended DISC Accredited Consultant


Group Portrait Session with Lucy


AIM: The aim here is for you to take home some beautiful natural photos of yourself that you are happy with to keep for ever and to use what ever you wish, this could be for your business profile or for your family albums or even a facebook profile pic.

We'll talk about ....


  • Why woman are often not seen in photos

  • Do you hide from the camera and why

  • The importance of capturing memories

  • Why some people are more photogenic than others

  • How to present your best self in an image

  • Tips and tricks on posing without looking like you are posing

  • How you feel about the way you look compared to others and why "Compare and despair"

  • Learning to love yourself on the Outside (as well as Inside)


I am not here to talk to people as the expert as I have had all these issues myself with the way I look as I have grown older and my camera has been the perfect tool for me to hide behind.

I'm also here to share my journey and how I went and had my first photo shoot in a studio and how I felt doing this.

I will show you the results from my photo shoot, good photos and bad so that you can see what a photo shoot actually looks like.

But with the skills I do have with my camera and beautiful lenses I am pleased to be able to offer my photographic service and capture some lovely images of you and so you can see how beautiful you actually are.

All you have to do is wear what you feel most comfortable in whether it is dressing up or in your comfortable casual clothes.

This is not a glamour shoot.

At the end of your shoot I will get you all to practice with each other with your phones taking photos of each other and experimenting with what works and doesn't.

Also this will be fun!!

I would love to have you join me.



Photographer, Artist, Designer

Watermark Photography

Marina Shearer BSc. psychology

Coach, Consultant, Facilitator

P: 03 315 6555

M: 027 591 6555

E: info@profilecoaching.co.nz

Lucy Hunter-Weston


P: 03 314 2082

M: 027 221 6865

E: lucyhunterweston@me.com

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