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We believe in you

There is something very powerful that happens inside of you when you know that someone believes in you.  Some of us are blessed to have had family and friends who have encouraged us and believed in us, but we know that not everyone has had this experience.  Everything that we do at InsideOUT ConfidenceNZ is about helping you feel better about yourself, both on the inside and the outside.


We value you for who you are


You have value as a woman today and everyday.  No matter what, you have value right now just because you are you.


We believe in nurture


The ability to care for yourself is a vital skill that many women do not understand.  So that you are able to provide care for others you first must care for yourself.  We want you to understand self kindness so that when you need some personal care you can provide the essentials for yourself.


We will support you


Whatever your journey, your story and your situation you can attend anything at InsideOUT ConfidenceNZ and know that you will be supported.  Without judgement.

We know that your story isn’t over until the last chapter, that everything that has already happened does not define you and that by accepting your past you are able to walk into your future empowered to make it something memorable.  We are here to encourage.


We believe in vulnerability


The willingness to open yourself up and share your journey, leads to a deeper connection with others.   When you are willing to be vulnerable, so are others, and support flows from vulnerability.  You will see us role model this.


We love discovery


We believe in creativity and in exploring all that you can get out of this life of yours.  We will encourage you to discover all that you can.


Marina Shearer BSc. psychology

Coach, Consultant, Facilitator

P: 03 315 6555

M: 027 591 6555

E: info@profilecoaching.co.nz

Lucy Hunter-Weston


P: 03 314 2082

M: 027 221 6865

E: lucyhunterweston@me.com

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